I can relate to this
“I deserve to have the right kind of love. I know that sounds greedy and selfish. But i deserve to have the right kind of love. The kind of love that you see in movies. The kind where no matter how long you’ve been with the person, you love them the same way as you did the moment you met them. The kind where they can just give you a little smile and you know that everything is going to be alright and they will be there for you no matter what. The kind of love that you have been wanting and needing ever since you were a little girl and heard the story of Cinderella. The kind of love that even if it doesn’t last forever you can look back and still smile about it because it changed you. The kind of love that you will never regret ever falling in love with that person. I think everyone deserves to have that someday.”

I’m just lost and I’m trying to balance everything in my life right now, i don’t know what to do. Everything is so rushed now. I want to feel your love but everything seems like it’s being pulled away from me. I can’t go out I can’t feel I can’t nothing. I can do literally except breathe. I feel like a robot doing the same thing everyday. I’m knocking on everyone’s door to let me in and let me live but it seems the farthest I get is the window.


The secret track hidden in the script on becausetheinter.net was discovered by /u/peepsie112 on reddit. Here is the post describing how they found it. The hidden file was an acapella that lined up with the last track on K A U A I. It was confirmed by a tweet from Childish Gambino.

That foot had me cracking up lol it was like he was listening to music or something 😂 had a great day yesterday :3 thanks for going with me love ^.^ @maverick_macaroni :33 #SanDiegoZoo #PandasAreGreat :)

“Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling”
General life philosophy  (via tea-storm)


God just fucking kill me.

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this was me today lol
I can’t even fit this whole damn masterpiece into one picture like why?!? #CudiFan #CudFam #FromTheBeginning #EverythingIsComplete just kidding I’m missing a couple of gems here but it’ll be here soon ;) @KidCudi @dotdagenius @kingchip216 and so many other people are in this right here. Gotta get the rest signed ;) it’ll happen 🐼👑🙌
  • Me: do you like rough sex
  • Them: yeah lip biting is great
  • Me: no you don't understand